Gum Chewing Freak

A selfish little fuck up

13 May 1983
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Hey. I'm Jo. I wonder what brought you here. I hope you find what your looking for. I write honestly. Thats great for me, but can be bad for you. I'm noting special. I'm not bad either. I believe in God. I go to school. I live alone. I love my camera. I love my friends. I really love my friends.

I am currently studying BA(Hons) Photography at Anglia Ruskin University .. here is some of my art work .. My slide show!

I am 23 .. I live in the UK in my fantastic little bungalow. I study at Anglia Ruskin University. I am doing a BA in Photography.

Check out my web site! Indigoclouds :)
You can also see some of my art work here

90% of my icons are made by me! Your welcome to use them, please credit me .. always nice!